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Sunday, February 5, 2023

Revolution in virtual wallets: Firsev bought a company specializing in QR codes

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Its founder is Jorge Zanabonewho has more than ten years of experience in electronic payments and is a benchmark for Fintech projects in the region, who will remain as Director of Fiserv after the sale, as far as he could tell Ambit. With the sale of your company, you will surely achieve your goal of bringing interoperability to the entire country.

Yacaré, a developing company in the digital payments sector

This fintech currently offers a QR solution static for small businesses and a dynamic one for larger businesses. It began as a virtual wallet that allowed businesses to accept payments using the firm’s QR code, but since the implementation of interoperability for QRs provided by the Central Bank (BCRA) in November 2021, it began to allow payments with all the wallets of fintechs and banks.

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There are currently operating in Argentina some 29 virtual wallets -applications from banks or fintech companies such as Mercado Pago, Ualá and Yacaré- with which you can pay in physical or online stores by reading the QR code.

That is why, since Firsevpoint out that the incorporation of Yacaré products will make them “more competitive in the market for Immediate payment, by allowing businesses to offer another payment method to their customers”. And, according to the company’s vision, this new combination will further enhance its ability to help merchants: attract new customers, deepen relationships with existing customers, and grow revenue.

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Source: Ambito

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