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Saturday, February 4, 2023

The fintech Banza presented its new app: what are the differentials it offers

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What are the new features

  • “MEP dollar in one click”: one of the investments most chosen by users and which concentrates most of the volume traded with an average of more than $127,000. The commission is between 0.5 and 0.6 percent.

The platform automatically performs the purchase and sale of bonds associated with that operation, and the user only has to enter the amount of pesos that they want to convert to dollars. The next business day, the dollars are made available in your Banza account where they can be left in custody or even withdrawn to your bank account in dollars.

The operation of “MEP dollar in one click” uses the most liquid sovereign bond on the market: the Bonar 2030 (AL30).

  • The renewal of the platform includes the option to adapt the view to the LITE and PRO modesfor those who are taking their first steps in the world of investments and for those more advanced or with greater market knowledge.
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The LITE version It is a more limited and simpler version for those who are just starting to save and invest. It has all the instruments: stocks, bonds, CEDEARs, Adcap funds and a striking proposal called “packs”, which includes CEDEARs divided by sectors (technological, Brazilian stocks, financial) and Mutual Investment Funds (FCI) according to the profile of investor.

As for the “packs”the investor will be able to buy a complete pack of a specific sector or buy the papers individually.

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Instead, through the pro mode, The user can view all the available instruments, access candlestick charts to view historical quotes, and operate in different terms (immediate cash/24/48 hours), among other facilities.

  • Another novelty that the platform incorporates is the possibility of depositing and withdrawing money quickly.
  • It has the possibility of configuring stop loss and take profit, which allow the user to protect their investments in case of losses, or even take profit automatically.
  • The most striking thing about the app is the “Trends”, which shows the user what is being traded the most in the market during the day.
  • Onboarding is 100% digital.
  • Account maintenance is subsidized for life.
  • There is no limit of associated accounts.

The app does not have a minimum investment amount. This is a key point for small savers since from $1 they will have the possibility of making the money work and withdrawing it, if necessary, without delay.

The numbers and expectations

“We are very excited about this new update to our app: the latest data on trading volume and account openings show us that we are reaching more retail investors every day. The capital market is growing, Banza is growing, and we would love to see more and more people join. For this reason, we are committed to developing this new platform, which is intuitive, fast and very easy to use”, assured Agustín Honig, CEO of Banza.

The co-founder of Banza, Javier Timerman, stated in the presentation in which he participated Ambit that Banza is looking for “the platform kid”, that young person who wants to start saving and investing with little money and is encouraged to use 100% digital apps.

Banza – Agustín Honig – Javier Timerman.jpeg

In the future, Adcap ensures that It is not ruled out including cryptocurrencies and thematic funds abroad.

Source: Ambito

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