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How to buy the MEP dollar, the exchange rate that operates about $36 below the blue

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In turn, the financial intermediaries through which the MEP dollar is purchased charge a small commission of between one and two percent total between the purchase and sale of the assets. The titles most chosen to do so are the AL30 and the GD30, due to their liquidity in the market.

Thus, this Tuesday, December 17, the MEP dollar yielded $2.14 (+1.7%), up to $341.89, that is, about $36 less than the blue, which shot up $8 to the nominal record of $378. Is about an unusual difference given that both exchange rates tend to operate at almost the same levels, which is why these days it is more than attractive to get currency on the Stock Market, and not on the parallel market.

Step by step to buy dollar MEP or dollar Bag

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To buy MEP dollar or bag dollar, the following steps must be followed:

  1. Open an account at a local broker: To get the stock dollar, it is necessary to open an investment account in a local broker or stock company. To operate, you must open an account at one of the intermediary companies, which is free and remote. To do this, you have to fill out a few simple forms and verify your identity.
  2. deposit funds: once the investment account is opened, it is necessary to deposit the amount of money that the person wants to change from a bank account of the same owner. Before operating, you must have the CBU of the bank account in dollars enabled to deposit the money there.
  3. Buy the GD30 bond in immediate cash (CI): to acquire the MEP dollar, you have to buy an asset that is traded in pesos and in the US currency with immediate cash settlement (CI). For this, most investors use the GD30 bond because it has a high volume of operations and its price is more stable.
  4. Wait one business day with the asset in the portfolio: The interested party must park one business day, which consists of a waiting time established by the National Securities Commission (CNV) that the person must go through so that the money is effectively available in the account.
  5. Sell ​​the dollar bonds: once the parking period has passed, the person can sell the assets. To do this, you must select the “Immediate Cash” option with the label AL30D/GD30D. There you must determine the number of bonds you want to sell and choose the market price. When the operation has been carried out, the liquid dollars will be available on the broker’s platform ready to be transferred to the bank account.

Among the fintechs that offer the possibility of buying the dollar, MEP appears Ualá that, through Ualintec Capital, this type of exchange can be operated “in an easy, simple, secure and 100% online way”. People can invest in pesos and access US currency In a few clicks and in 24 hours have the money in the application.

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How to operate the purchase of Dollar MEP through the Ualá app?

-Enter the Ualá app and in the Investments section choose the option “Dollar MEP”.

-Click on buy MEP Dollar.

-Enter the amount and click buy.

-Read and accept the affidavit.

-Whoever buys, in 24 business hours will see the credited dollars and they will be transferred to their bank account in dollars. Whoever sells will immediately have the pesos in Ualá.

-You can trade MEP Dollar any business day from 11:15 a.m. to 4:15 p.m.

The MEP dollar or stock dollar is a stock market operation that arises from the purchase of certain bonds in pesos, which allow them to be sold in North American currency.

By having it one day in the principal account as required by regulation, people can sell and liquidate it locally. For example, whoever has money in the financial system buys you the bond. Starting with pesos, you made dollars, which can be transferred to the bank account and available to use as desired.

What is the difference with the blue dollar

In short, the blue dollar is an informal, black market. These are transactions between private parties outside the official market, of undeclared bills.

Requirements to be able to buy MEP dollars

  • Not having bought dollar savings during the last 90 calendar days and committing not to buy it in the next 90 days.
  • Not having cards or loans in refinanced pesos within the framework of the provisions adopted by the BCRA for the health emergency.
  • Not having received a salary from a company that benefited from the ATP program.
  • To have paid due payments and not to have refinanced the balance of the credit card to 12 months.
  • Not having benefited from the freezing of UVA mortgage payments until July 2022.
  • Not having received aid from state programs.

How to unsubscribe from subsidies to be able to buy MEP dollars

The Government will prevent the purchase of dollar savings, MEP dollar, CCL dollar and Cedears to those who maintain or have requested the subsidies to electricity and gas rates. That is why a page was enabled for resign voluntarily and thus, access the currency.

To cancel electricity and gas subsidies and, in this way, power access the purchase of the savings dollar, MEP dollar or CCL it will be necessary:

  • enter the Registration of Access to Energy Subsidies (RASE).
  • Then enter the sectionModify or delete the request”.
  • Once there you will have to enter the DNI and the management number that was obtained when the subsidy was requested.
  • Finally, the option to remove registration.

Source: Ambito

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