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Zero ads on Twitter: Elon Musk confirmed the date of the removal of advertising

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“In addition, there will be a higher-priced subscription that allows zero ads,” he said. Musk has also noted that in the coming months, the platform will translate and recommend “amazing” tweets from people from other countries and cultures. Although the businessman did not advance when it will be available, the truth is that he did not rule out that it is for this 2023.

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Lots of changes on Twitter

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Elon Muskthe American billionaire tycoon who owns Tesla Y SpaceX, who has been in the news for a few months after acquiring the property of Twitterof which he has been serving as CEO since then, is once again the result of controversial in the media. He had already been after the mass layoff of Twitter workers last November, and after his statements in this regard. “Those who leave will receive three months of severance pay“He had said at the time.

Jose Antonio Pontonjournalist specializing in technology and radio host at MVS Noticias de Mexicohe declared in an interview with his colleague Pamela Cerdeira what impact did they have the changes that the North American businessman applied, in recent months, within the social network.

Changes in Twitter: what situation is the application in today?

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The technology specialist talked about the changes and the controversial that Musk generated after his arrival in Twitter: “For a few days we have seen that the tweets are already accounted forthat is, we can now see how many views that tweet had publicly, which was not possible before,” Pontón began by saying in the interview.

Another of the controversial topics what Elon Musk is involved in, is due to his latest statements in which he opined on Twitter, saying that “Instagram makes people get depressed and Twitter makes people gets mad, which is better? (…) obviously this, well already generated almost 60 million people”.

On this, Pontón expressed that, worst of all, is that “he’s a bit right“since the owner of Twitter”he shot himself in the foot telling the truth of social networks”.

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