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Acts of vandalism and rubbish at Langbathsee

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This situation has become more extreme from year to year, whereby I have successfully counteracted the illegal campers, who not only left behind an abundance of rubbish, but also aggravated the main problem of insufficient parking spaces. Unfortunately, my tireless efforts over the last few years were wiped out in one fell swoop, as shown below.

I have leased an abandoned tennis court or one that has not been used for decades, which is owned by the Austrian Federal Forests, and for ten years now I have created a very nice parking space for mobile homes from an overgrown area. We have also ensured a very strict space order in the sense of nature conservation in our jewel Langbathsee, ensured waste disposal via our large container and also checked compliance accordingly.

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Since we not only see ourselves as local leaseholders at Langbathsee, but also our attitude is that we have taken care of all the prohibited activities, apart from the parking lot regulations, there has been quite a bit of calm in recent years or we have ensured their compliance. Our lease agreement with the federal forestry authorities regarding the “tennis court” expired at the end of last year and was not extended on their part, since we were suddenly forbidden to park mobile homes and blamed it on the BH Gmunden, although I have other information in this regard.

The space will now become overgrown again if not used or the lack of parking spaces, as is the case today, will trigger a complete traffic chaos, which we have never experienced in recent years, in contrast to the past and currently. If emergency vehicles such as ambulances, ambulances, let alone fire engines were needed on the rear bank of the lake today, it would be impossible to fight your way through the parked vehicles. It would be interesting to see which authority would then assume responsibility.

In order to provide you with a well-founded situation report, I have just taken the trouble to count only the missing car parking spaces, which are occupied by mobile homes outside of the unused tennis court: due to the fact that most mobile homes park lengthwise and thus three move normal parking spaces, 60 parking spaces are missing at the moment.

Finally, I would like to inform you that due to the incomprehensible arbitrariness of the authorities and above all the Austrian Federal Forests, a situation as you described in your article has occurred again, but this has been prevented in the simplest way, as in recent years could have been.

Alfred Steiner, Ebensee


Source: Nachrichten

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