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Birgit Braunstein and her path to wine and agriculture suitable for grandchildren

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The fact that the vineyards are worked according to biodynamic-biological principles and that the developing wine is ideally accompanied in its formation in the cellar is no longer a rarity and has long been practice at Braunstein. For Birgit, however, sustainability does not stop where the products reach the customer. In order to make a significant contribution to reducing the CO² footprint, the dedicated winemaker set about making more than a quantum leap in transport and recycling. Wine bottles weighing 540 grams or more were used up to now (premium wines are usually sold in even heavier bottles), but in future the Purbach-based top winemaker will be using bottles weighing 360 or a maximum of 395 grams.

It doesn’t seem like the world at first glance, but if you extrapolate that to 1 million bottles, the saving is 50 tons of glass and 34 tons of CO². On top of that, adhesive-free cardboard boxes are also being planned. Another step towards consistent implementation to avoid harmful substances. In addition, a deposit system was recently introduced. Bottles and cartons can be taken back if they are in good condition and reused against a deposit.

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Of course, there is also a suitable selection of wines. From the outstanding portfolio of the Leithaberg winemaker, the red Cuvée WildWux immediately catches the eye. The name would initially indicate an overgrown vineyard, but in reality it is the definition of organic farming, which means more than doing without chemicals. The wine itself shows ruby ​​red tones and delicate violet reflections, aromas of red berries and spicy hints. On the palate there are flattering tannins, velvety and fruity with delicate wood accompaniment and well balanced. A wonderful accompaniment to dark meat such as beef or lamb.

With her way of producing wine, Birgit Braunstein shows that there is more to biological and biodynamic than just a clog and a straw hat mentality.

Source: Nachrichten

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