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The importance of organizational culture in the new work paradigm

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8 out of 10 companies perceive that they are not being fast enough to adapt to technological changes, mainly because they do not have the talent they need. Digitization or automation processes gradually modify the skills required and there is a decoupling between supply and demand. Many people look for work and cannot find it, and 7 out of 10 Argentine employers do not find the talent they are looking for.

It is still too early to measure the impact that COVID-19 will have on labor relations, but we can already see that flexibility, health care and work-life balance have become part of people’s priorities. Four out of ten employees want to decide on the days they can work from home and also have the power to change them periodically.

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The competition for talent finds companies facing the challenge of evaluating work models paying attention to the new needs of employees and candidates. Many are already redesigning their value proposition strategy and working from a perspective that includes people’s expectations. They assume that they should not implement human capital policies according to generations X, Y or Z, but that the important thing is to think of much more personalized schemes.

The problem is that the legacy of the pandemic is not resolved only with policies, which are valuable, but cultural changes are necessary. Changing policies without changing culture is like treating the symptoms, but not treating the causes. The question we should ask ourselves then is much more strategic: What culture do we need to build to attract and develop the talent that digital transformation and the new job landscape require?

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For this, feedback between the culture and the leaders is essential, since they are essential thanks to their ability to generate instances of conversation and learning within the organization. At a time when companies need to be more agile, more digital and customer-oriented, the role of leaders is key.

General Director of ManpowerGroup Argentina.

Source: Ambito

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