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Retirees would not be recovering purchasing power

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In our system it would not be happening. Retirees continue to be the adjustment variable for politicians’ adjustments. Now an increase has been announced in the form of a fixed sum, giving a boost to the minimum retirement, flattening the pyramid, taking into account that there are more and more retirees from the minimum and retirements from those who, by never contributing, contribute to the misery that our retirees suffer.

With a price index from June 2021 to June 2022 of 64%, exceeding 70% in the month of July and an index of more than 43% in the year, the purchasing power of retirees and their standard of living continues to be a misery.

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From the month of September, the minimum pension that represents 80% of the 7 million retirees will be $43,353, and the basic food basket will be above $110,000.-

In the month of September, October and November, this minimum pension, provisionally. it will be $50,353. This increase is due to a temporary bonus in those 3 months. Now, in December, the last increase in the law for retirees will be known and the premise that we pensioners and specialists in Social Security make is whether the calculation base will start from $43,353 or of the $50,353.

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Regarding those retirees who earn up to two minimum $90,705will receive a raise of $4,000 for the 3 months having the same premise in the month of December with respect to the last increase of the year.

With the political objective of aiming at a supportive and redistributive pension system, we see month after month how the application of social policies that target the most vulnerable sectors do not make a difference and do not achieve changes that give respite to the passive sector.

It is necessary to have a clear public policy on social security in which the role of contributory benefits in the coverage of social contingencies is revalued, and on the other hand to make clear and control the pensions of those who never contribute to the social security system. social Security.

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