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Redarquía, the new concept that is imposed on companies

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How many times do we hear in organizations that something is done “because it has always been done that way”, without much more time for depth and analysis than mere repetition. The big question that arises these days is How to avoid being trapped in our past experiences?

Seeing it through the eyes of postmodernism of social networks, we are talking about turning the leader into something more similar to an influencer, where leadership is assumed from parity with the other, identification and empathy. This is how the “hierarchy” gives way to “redarchy”. We are faced with the need to put aside hierarchical leadership, based on the mere exercise of a power imposed by the authority that gives a simple box in an organization chart, to adopt a leadership model redarchicbased on generating collaboration networks in work teams, where all its members are at the same level.

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The first step in companies, to advance before such a diagnosis, must be the ability to get rid of multiple concepts and ways of doing things, which in a certain way throws away decades of studies on human resources, books and practices that were based on leadership, control methods, organization charts and bureaucracy. But then the other great unknown will appear,

How do we manage the change towards a management scheme based on such a disruptive organization? And this is where the path requires the guidance of 6 key words that will accompany us to penetrate the culture of the organization, to the detriment of old words that are already obsolete:

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The purpose it must replace rhetoric; the innovation must win fear redarchy he will need to impose himself before the hierarchy; the confidence must displace control; the collaboration must gain ground against the competition; and the community You must beat the borders.

This is how the evolution of the facts inserts us in this new concept that we know as redarchya form of organization where the old “organizational chart” as a hierarchical structure, with multiple ravioli and lines that seeks to establish who is in charge of whom, no longer exists and where hierarchy is an obsolete term that is replaced by a collaborative network where all those involved in a work team they remain at the same level of authority.

Although a priori this may sound like science fiction or something distant, there is Business who are already on that path and manage their work teams in this way. Seguros SURA, for example, Mercedes Benz or Farmacity, have come a long way in terms of Redarchic Leadership.

The elimination of organizational charts and hierarchies is already a reality and the experience shows its fruits. It will be a matter of daring to challenge old theories or, in any case, use them to be able to reconvert ourselves based on the experience gained.

Director of Transformation at Estudio Locht and expert in sustainable agility.

Source: Ambito

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