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Entrepreneurs: the constant reinvention in business

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Something I did from the first moment was play down those comments, because when an entrepreneur starts a business they put a lot of energy and expectation for that idea to grow and become a sustainable project. It was so, one of the first things I learned was to be patient and see the small opportunities that may arise in order to make the most of them.

Innovation as a bridge for new businesses

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When one undertakes, one of the keys for the business can continue to function is innovation. For this, it is important to have a broad vision of what is happening in the market, around us, to be attentive to what can be improved, solved, transformed, to devise new things that can be developed. Having that perspective means that one always has a gaze that is looking beyond the immediate, a vision of the next steps.

Innovating is paying attention to meeting people’s needs, which are constantly changing because new demands always arise, which leads us to constantly reinvent ourselves in order to have sustained growth.

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From entrepreneur to entrepreneur

Entrepreneur is born, but you have to learn to be entrepreneurs. This implies having a long-term view and being agile to adapt to market demands, especially in a country that constantly presents challenges, having cognitive agility to respond to new circumstances is a very relevant skill.

I believe that another success factor of the entrepreneurs is the level of commitment and measure the degree of possibility and capacity in front of a project. When a new challenge is accepted, responsibility must be assumed with a double commitment: on the one hand, to be able to meet expectations and, on the other, that compliance is what also allows the growth and development of the business.

Another of the great relevant lessons I learned over these 25 years in this business is the importance of forming a team that accompanies the processes and the long-term vision. It has to be solid and willing to accompany changes and new innovation proposals.

The DNA of an entrepreneur must be that of a restless and versatile spirit at the same time, who seeks possibilities and new paths in the midst of challenges.

President of Ecosan.

Source: Ambito

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