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Expansive technology: connecting with customers, the value of data and the user experience

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To achieve this, it is key to have the ability to read the behaviors and preferences of customers and the use of data analysis is an essential tool to be able to offer more personalized experiences. This becomes a virtuous circle, as the user gets used to these experiences customized and has more and more expectations in the next thing to come.

For this reason, at Primary, we actively work to go further and continue expanding the technology that serves the capital market, intermediaries and investors or end customers. We have a platform for managing and sending orders to different markets, with pre- and post-trade risk management, highly valued by our clients. Is about who matrixa platform with centralized and scalable management that allows our users to have direct access to markets to operate Stocks, Bonds, Futures, Options and even subscribe to Mutual funds.

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The user experience is directly related to the added value that the company provides to the customer, but you have to know how to put it into practice. That’s why, it is important to listen to our customers and adapt our platforms so that design and usability are features differentials.

Likewise, investors highly value being able to analyze the performance of different instruments using TradingView full integrated into the platform and thus optimize the technical analysis of your operations, as well as having your own screens and configurations through a powerful section of widgetsfocused on simple but efficient trading.

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Finally, data security and privacy is today one of the priorities in all companies. matrix OMS is a 100% cloud platform, built and operating in first-class data centers, which in addition to not requiring investment in IT infrastructure by the client, includes the best practices to guarantee the confidentiality, integrity and authenticity of each of the investor data and transactions.

Principal of Primary.

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