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Thursday, December 8, 2022

How to prepare for Black Friday 2022

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This event originates from the United States and takes place on the fourth Friday in November and it is a tradition that the days in which businesses, both physical stores and online stores, offer great discounts in order to attract new customers and run out of stock. of their companies to the faces of the Christmas holidays.

Although it was not customary to carry out commercial actions in the country, the important thing is that it is currently beginning to receive a lot of attention from consumers and that is something that merchants can take advantage of to offer good discounts and increase income during the stretch. end of the year.

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In 2021, according to data from a private consultancy, it registered an 80% increase in billing with an average ticket of $7,000, compared to 2020. Furthermore, the most sought-after promotions and discounts were on tickets, hotels, and vacation packages .

Taking these data into account, and that we are facing an unstable economic context, fluctuations in the dollar, changes in consumer behavior, It is key that stores have to take this enthusiasm from consumers as a priority and join the event in order to sell more.

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For this, from VNS, Shopify experts, we have key recommendations so that businesses can work with this date in mind, since the main objective is to improve the shopping experience and attract new customers with offers.

Web page: Test and review your entire website. You have to check that everything works correctly, that your page responds to mobile devices and if all your products are registered correctly. This gives confidence to those who enter the site and decide to continue until the purchase is complete.

review products: The idea is not to focus on star products that are already selling organically, but to focus on all the products that are not sold and put aggressive discounts on them. This is the time to free up space for the arrival of new products.

Don’t forget about traffic: It is quite common that when the date of Black Friday arrives, the connection of the online store is down or with problems loading products, due to the increase in the number of visits. But so that this does not happen, you have to do a previous job of configuring the server and see the performance of the online store.

Customer experience: you have to bet on the personalization of the shopping experience. A great way to do this is to use standalone recommendation windows, which display products based on customer profile automatically.

Stock: Even with high sales flow, you have to monitor orders and make sure no one is doing multiple purchases to block all your stock and then not pay (in this case, competitors). If a large number of tickets are made under the same person’s name, be vigilant and see if this is suspicious.

Do not try to deceive buyers: Don’t make your Black Friday a lie. Only participate in the date if you can really offer discounts or other types of attractive but fair promotions. Do not increase prices days before Black Friday arrives to lower them later to create a promotion. Remember that there are buyers from Avila who are looking for prices a long time before.

If you take this data into account and apply these recommendations, you are ready to go out on Black Friday and be able to sell before the holidays!

VNS CEO, Shopify Experts

Source: Ambito

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