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What is the fiscal impact of the 2023 Budget

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Focusing on tax issues, the project contemplates a series of additions and modifications. Among the proposals, there are several fiscal stimulus measures that are worth reviewing.

Expansion of the scope of Laundering currently in force, as a measure to encourage construction

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The laundered foreign currency could be made available for the purchase of used real estate intended for housing, or for the rental of real estate with the same destination for a period of more than 10 years. There are conditions to meet.

New laundering: Incentive for Argentine investment and production

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It consists of the externalization of foreign currency (in the country or abroad). These currencies would have a specific affectation that would be the payment of imports for consumption of goods or services destined to productive processes.

The CEF (Economic Financial Capacity System used by the AFIP) would not be applied.

The special tax is foreseen in a rate that oscillates between 5% and 20%, depending on the instance in which the currency has been externalized.

Deferral of the Adjustment for tax inflation for companies that make investments in fixed assets of more than $30 million

Possibility of deferring only the profit resulting from the adjustment in 3 fiscal years (includes the one that began on November 1).

It is important to note that this deferral is optional. However, the conditions to be able to use it have a very high threshold.

Income Tax for Human Persons

It would be allowed to deduct the sums paid for educational expenses up to 40% of the non-taxable minimum.

Internal taxes. Elevation of the rate for certain electronic items.

For electronic products produced in Tierra del Fuego, the nominal rate would rise from 6.5% to 9.5%, and for imported ones, from 17% to 19%.

New regime for the regularization of tax and social security debts, at the national and provincial level

It would apply for debts due until October 31, 2022, with the possibility of forgiveness.

Monotributists. Modifications in contributions to Social Works.

It is proposed that the contributions increase depending on the categories. The change would be from category D. The highest would pay $10,505.

Publishing production. VAT.

Extension of rate scales between 2.5% and 21%, depending on the level of billing

liens. Extension.

The possibility of extending the embargoes to non-bank or payment accounts, such as electronic wallets, is foreseen.

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