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Thursday, December 8, 2022

The impact of labor laws on SMEs

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I have been working in news websites for the past three years. I am currently an author at 24 hours world, where I mainly cover world news. I have also written for The Huffington Post and The New York Observer.
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For this reason, what will happen in the labor market and in labor relations still has a large component of uncertainty, due to the advancement of technology, globalization, the use of new digital formats and, of course, an unprecedented health crisis.

My years of experience in the field of the labor market and my tireless search to eliminate conflict and seek to balance the relationship between workers and employers, led me to have enormous knowledge and experience in the field of labor law and SMEs. Therefore, from Editorial ElDial, I was summoned to direct a Special supplement dedicated exclusively to the world of SMEs and their dependence on labor laws.

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The impact of labor laws on SMEs is a supplement of interests and fully topical for all those who immerse themselves, advise, defend and are side by side in the labor market, from HR, Salary Settlement, Labor Calculations, job terminations, disarticulation of conflicts and everyone SMEs and companies that generate daily production, work and economic growth.

In this regard, I have always been clear and forceful when I said that the future will not forgive those countries that abdicate knowledge and technology.

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For this reason, labor regulations must be adapted to these changes as soon as possible, since, otherwise, they become obsolete, creating deep legal gaps. The world changes, work changes, workers change, it will be important that labor regulations also change, of course, always respecting the essential principles of labor law, taking care of the worker and the employer at the same time.

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