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Wellness management: a multidimensional approach

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If we zoom in on the social and take what science tells us about it, we see that the nutritious links, significant links, not only for well-being but also to be longer-lived.

By taking this to the organization, we see a huge opportunity to work with links and generate environments where these links and interactions between people are healthy, promote well-being.

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On the other hand, when from this conception we speak of social, we do not restrict it only to the links within the company. As Josh Bersin says, in “The Social Enterprise” The concept of corporate social responsibility includes the possibility of action in the family and in the local community.

Regarding the fourth dimension, purpose, science also indicates that it is vital for us both in longevity and well-beingand it is what gives meaning to what each one of us does within the organizational sphere: how it impacts my team, the company, why not, the community, even the planet.

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how can we then Provide employees with resources, spaces, and experiences that contribute to their psychological and social well-being within the framework of this multidimension. Our proposal is that we integrate these experiences that we are going to generate into the employee’s life cycle and make them memorable.

The concept derives from user experience or employee experience, and We define the employee experience as any exchange that the company has with him: people: (leaders, colleagues), things: the salary they receive, the car, the mindfulness course, … And also the processes, how it is evaluated, how it is promoted the opportunities are enormous.

Why is it interesting to intervene looking for wellness experiences? Why are the basis of our emotions and the perception we have of what it is like to work in that companyhow willing am I to stay, how willing am I to recommend it.

Companies that are innovative today, that are pioneers, place wellness management at the center of the employee experience. This As a consequence, it generates a greater emotional commitment, improves business results and enhances the attractiveness of talent. Responsibility and decisions related to well-being are decisions of high management, it is involved in the strategic decisions of companies.

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