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Ecommerce 2023: these are the new trends

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Each year it builds and generates its own formula to define what will be the growth and development of businesses, creating new challenges and opportunities to explore.

This year started with the same unknown as 2021. Will the issue of the pandemic be overcome? Faced with the possible “return to normality”, will those businesses that migrated 100% to the online model survive?

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Some of these questions saw their answer and, the truth is that the online business continued to grow and far from falling in front of the return to normality, they continued to rebound.

Online sales were positioning themselves as the favorite way to buy products and services in a personalized way. It gives the possibility and the advantage of having a wide range of products at your fingertips and without leaving home.

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Those who have opted for this form of sale from the beginning have not regretted it, their sales have not stopped growing. Only in the last Black Friday worldwide and against all odds, online sales exceeded 40 billion dollars, only in the United States they were 9 billion, 2.3% more than last year, something no less for a country that is in recession as a result of inflation and whose economy we like or not, tilts the balance of business worldwide.

In all this and being a software agency for the world of ecommerce, where was the focus of our clients throughout the year?

For better performance, the focus is divided into 3 groups:

  • Improvements: Give support to the current digital store. Either to correct or modify issues that another provider had left. To improve performance and sustainability issues. Optimize your business through configuration changes, app deployment or settings.
  • Integrations: Integrate with a billing system. Integrate with a logistics system. Integration of sales channels: Amazon, BestBuy, Walmart, MercadoLibre and networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and TikToc.
  • Migrations: I’m on Wix or Woocommerce and want to grow into a more professional platform. I am in Magento or VTEX and I want a better change but also where my investment is better cared for.

Recommendations for 2023

These recommendations arise from our experience throughout the year with various clients, something that will set trends.

Listen to the store, understand the customer

Whether we sell through a physical store, online or through social media channels, in each and every one of them there are indicators, messages, elements that tell us out loud, how does the customer feel? What are you looking for the most? If you do not understand how to read these indicators, it is advisable to look for a partner to be able to do it, but “listening to the store and understanding the customer” is essential.

use technology

Technology is a bridge, a takeoff platform, it offers tools that connect people, generate new customers and even new products. Keeping technology in mind, whether it is to develop an app, an integration or a new functionality in a product or store, deploy on a new social network of the moment or improve performance, is vital today. There can always be a partner to accompany and advise, but keeping in mind the use of technology is key to any business in this century.

business is one

Harley, the CEO of Shopify, shared this year that in the future talking about online stores, physical stores or sales through social networks will not make separate topics, “the future of ecommerce is just commerce”. Thinking that all models are independent or not keeping in mind a strategy or common thread that unites the business above the channel is a mistake. The business, YOUR business, is one, its objective is to sell and whatever the digital or physical platform is, it must have a unified mission and values ​​because that is the image that today’s customers see, the one they value and in many cases, the which helps to convert

VNS CEO, Shopify experts.

Source: Ambito

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