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The last funding call (this is the name of the time window for funding applications) was scheduled from October 18th from 5 p.m. to November 15th. On November 29, I was informed by the OeMAG processing office for Ökostrom AG that my application for funding had been rejected because the funding had been exhausted. End of the funding call because all funding had been exhausted, this is where it gets interesting, was on October 18th at 5:01:21 p.m. For funding applicants without special computer skills and without a touch typing system, this means that they have no chance of funding in this system. With a slow internet connection you are not even in the system, the time window is already closed. Two to five minutes, as mentioned by Mr. Achleitner, would be pure luxury. A typo once and corrected immediately means that you will have another chance in two months at the earliest, with the same conditions as mentioned above.

In order to get the funding that you are entitled to, you are forced to hire professional companies that use the appropriate algorithms to press the button in the first second of the funding call. The addresses and links for these companies can be obtained from the electrical installation companies that want to build the system.

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Mr. Achleitner mentioned one possibility of awarding funding, another would be a ranking according to the time of the application for funding with the chronological processing and allocation of the funds. There are other solutions, you just have to think. I would like to know what brains the currently practiced method came from. Perhaps this registration process is an attempt to reduce the number of applications in the hope that some applicants will give up in frustration. This procedure discredits the Ministry of the Environment and thus Minister Gewessler, but perhaps this is exactly the intention behind it.

Franz Baumgartner, Oberneukirchen

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