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Sunday, January 29, 2023

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Gabriel Egger

Editor Country and People

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The January rally, in which racing cars roar through the Mühlviertel at full throttle for three days, is therefore climate-neutral. With CO2 emissions of 484 tons, that sounds, let’s say – just as completely neutral – interesting. The equivalent value is to flow into a wind power project in India, where this should result in a significantly higher reduction in emissions every year. In addition, 5,000 trees have been planted in the Freistadt region in recent years as a compensatory measure. Eh sweet, but: Is that meant seriously? Shouldn’t we just be careful to create fewer emissions before attempting to offset them with supposedly green label actions? Motorsport is outdated. It drives the climate against the wall.

Christoph ZöpflChristoph Zöpfl

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Christoph Zöpfl

Head of sports department


Steer & think

The organizers of the January rally are planting trees to compensate for the pollutant emissions of the major event and are supporting a wind power project in India. Many critics feel planted, especially since the traditional motorsport event claims to be “climate neutral” in connection with these initiatives. Of course, that goes too far, but on the other hand, these efforts are more than just a green ribbon. The aim is to steer the rally to the ideal line between (motorsport) enthusiasm and responsibility. You can’t deny the effort made by the organizers of the January rally. Reducing motorsport to the fact that it’s just a slingshot and can’t do anything else may sound good, but it’s not true.

What do you think?

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Gabriel Egger

Editor Country and People


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