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Sunday, January 29, 2023

fatal tolerance

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On the occasion of the most recent riots, he again puts his finger in a homemade gaping wound that Europe still doesn’t want to hear or see anything about.

Of course, Europe has long had a huge problem with violent migrants. Mansour again points to the root of this problem. “Instead of treating them as empowered people, they are treated as victims. We can no longer look at this phenomenon selectively. There is the same in Vienna, in Brussels, in Paris, in Linz.” He also denounces that it is also about contempt for the state and society. “Middle society is intimidated. People who stand up against it are left out in the rain by politics. Every debate is sunk with the racism club.”

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Yes, of course this is a painful finding. Anything else would be pure denial of reality. And if a rethinking doesn’t finally take place, also with regard to external border protection, it will certainly not get any better.

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Source: Nachrichten

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