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Tips to make your vacation safe

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Is your house well insured, or do you just have insurance? And if you have a store or an office, you should also ask yourself those questions.

Not only due to theft, the highest percentage of unforeseen events, especially electrical risks, occur when we are not there. Failure to stop failures early increases the rate of cases, for example fire, but there are also other cases that increase their consequences, such as broken water pipes.

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You don’t just travel “peace man” with what you leave, but in family combined insurance there are multiple coverages that are useful on your trip.

Private Liability insurance generally has coverage in the Argentine Republic, with which any incident that you have that damages a third party is covered by that coverage (for example, amateur skiing or simply riding a bicycle).

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You can also, within the furniture item (theft of general content and various objects), have clothing theft on vacation, for example, or a notebook. This item may have national or international coverage.

It is very important to note that not all coverage is automatic, nor is it in all combined family policies, some even depend on a percentage of a principal sum and that is why the advice of a professional in this case the insurance advisor is fundamental.

The personal risks of accidents on vacation are generally similar, although they may increase due to certain practices or excursions that we do not usually do.

Regardless of the civil liability insurance that the corresponding tourist places must have, it is essential, especially if you travel abroad, insurance or travel assistance, although the sums for assistance in case of accident or illness have a very wide range, we recommend a minimum of US$100,000.

Vice President of the Argentine Association of Insurance Advisory Producers (AAPAS).

Source: Ambito

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