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“The swan song comes too soon” is an excellent editorial that will hopefully lead to reflection and pause among the politically responsible “ski area subsidy providers”. It reminds me of the book “The Folly of the Governing” by Barbara Tuchman, because it is now common knowledge that “the time for ski areas at least below 1500 meters has gotten out of joint” and for the urgent rethinking of subsidy policy with technical efforts for should lead to at least a “ten-month summer holiday operation”, yes to a new tourism plan. Especially in the example of the Kasberg-Nochski area with the annual operating cost coverage from the state amounting to one million euros, but also in other ski areas such as Hinterstoder, it is obvious that this type of waste of tax money is crashing head-on into the climate change wall.

In this respect, one could rename the headline to “The swan song is already too late”. With the current operation at the Kasberg, the question even arises as to whether the state subsidies, which are no longer sufficient, justify the restricted operation at all. The Court of Auditors could actually be interested in whether the requirement to use tax money sparingly is met here if, from the outset, a loss-making operation is carried out due to the fact that there is hardly any snow left.

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