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I am firmly convinced that something needs to be changed as soon as possible and that women should finally also conduct the New Year’s concert. Yes, the quality and skills of the conductors are very important for such a big task, but I wonder if it’s not more about the fame of the conductors, some of whom come from different parts of the world, and not about that an Austrian conductor could not offer as much quality. Ms. Fuchs would be an excellent choice.

Last summer I had the great opportunity to perform with her and the Salzburg Philharmonic as a young solo violinist at a concert. Ms. Fuchs encourages us young musicians a lot and we can learn a lot from her. It would be a great sign and an incentive for us young musicians if a talented and dedicated woman like Elisabeth Fuchs finally conducted the New Year’s Concert.

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Lilith Stallinger (14), Alberndorf in der Riedmark

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