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Sunday, January 29, 2023

Finding the right balance…

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At the moment I can’t seem to stop partying. It was my girlfriend’s birthday this week and of course it’s going to be celebrated. Kathi is an important pillar in my life and is always there for me, especially in difficult times.

Thanks for everything and happy birthday again!

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The fourth week of rehab has begun and the load can slowly be increased step by step. Due to the increased stimulus, the injured tissue in the knee is stressed and the body has to react to it. On the one hand, this speeds up the healing process, and on the other hand, you notice that the swelling keeps increasing. Now it’s time to find the right balance between excitement and relaxation in order to get the most out of it.

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Balance also plays a big role in my training right now. Right now it’s all about learning to re-engage all of my muscles around the knee. We achieve this with actually simple exercises on shaky surfaces and, as already mentioned in the last post, with many repetitions.

The team got two days off after the intense match in Villach and will resume training on Friday for the game in Feldkirch on Sunday. Because the game plan gives us a short breather, we use the time for an autograph session in Leonding. I will be at the town square with a couple of guys on Friday, January 20th from 2pm to 3pm. We look forward to your visit to chat a little and are of course available for all photo requests.

I’m also happy if you have any questions you always wanted to know about me or the Black Wings. Feel free to send us an email to presse@blackwings.at and I’ll be happy to answer it in my next blog.

Stay healthy and see you soon


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