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How artificial intelligence is reinventing the way we learn

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The way in which we inform or learn is not alien to these transformations. Since the advent of the Internet and search engines, the way we find and process information began to change. Y that was increased with the implementation of artificial intelligence to these engines. For example, AI-based recommender systems are helping users discover content that interests them.

Added to this was the appearance of AI content generator tools in audio, image or text format where users can consume and produce information in a much more personalized, interactive and friendly way, bringing to the table an old debate about how the educational system adapts to the changes generated by technology.

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The traditional educational system has focused on memorizing information, an activity that was very useful when finding information took a long time and was not so easy, but with tools such as chatbots, where answers to complex questions can be found quickly and easily. simple, memorization no longer seems to make much sense. So much so that, for example, during January 2023, New York schools prohibited the use of chatGPT since “students could cheat on assignments or assessments.”

Another of the challenges that this new paradigm brings is that of data literacy. Nowadays we are constantly exposed to artificial intelligence engines, but very rarely do we really understand how they work or simply what we are using. Data literacy enables people to make informed decisions and use data ethically and responsibly. In this context, it is crucial to know how it works in order to understand if the answer is correct or not, if it presents biases or if it is not responding to what we ask of it.

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All of these issues present opportunities for those in decision-making positions in organizations. For this reason, it is necessary to have leaders with a high capacity for adaptation where reflecting, rethinking and readapting is increasingly common. Companies must have leaders capable of inspiring and fostering learning; specific and relevant learning for the established objectives and that accompanies people on their path of professional development.

The use of these tools in education allows the creation of more interactive, immersive and personalized proposals so that all people can really appropriate knowledge and create new ones. In addition, they allow you to really focus on the purpose and objective in order to continue looking for innovative solutions to the different challenges of humanity.

The adoption of AI-based tools is a matter of time And there is only one question: how to use them to enhance people’s learning experiences and the development of their skills?

Globant’s Learning, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion area is dedicated to developing technology for learning. Our focus is on enhancing the knowledge that already exists in the company and in the community, based on the use of exponential technologies such as artificial intelligence.

During 2022, we developed an AI search and recommendation engine to personalize the Glober experience on our own Learning Magel Campus. We found that Globers find one-on-one meetings to be one of the most effective learning formats and that 50% of them do not know experts within the company on the topics that interest them. From this -“insight”-, we developed another AI function to drive one-on-one learning experiences.

We also found that 87% of Globers are willing to spend more than an hour a week in one-on-one meetings to learn and teach.

This knowledge about the learning needs and expectations of Globers, combined with technology, gave rise to a new tool: Learning Match, an artificial intelligence engine that, based on users’ historical data on what they want to teach and learn, recommends -“matches”- with other people in the company to facilitate one-on-one meetings and foster a learning community.

These are just a few examples of how we can use technology to enhance learning experiences, foster creativity, and reinvent industry and humanity.

Learning and DE&I Lead and Learning and DE&I Specialist

Source: Ambito

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