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Crime: Faeser on domestic violence: Don’t downplay femicide

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According to the Federal Minister of the Interior, the killing of women by their partners or ex-partners must not be dismissed as “relationship tragedies”. Special sensitivity on the part of the authorities is required.

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Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser (SPD) has called on the investigative authorities to take tougher action in cases of domestic violence.

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“The investigative authorities must become even more sensitive. The perpetrators must be expelled from the shared apartment immediately after the first violent attack, »said Faeser of the «Bild am Sonntag». “And we need special police contact points with specially trained staff across the board. We are also expanding the support system for women, especially the women’s shelters.”

The killing of women by their partners or ex-partners should not be played down, said Faeser. ‘These are murders! We must clearly call this femicide. Women are killed because they are women. The state has to admit that we have a big, dangerous problem there. And act.”

Such crimes should not be dressed up as “jealousy dramas” or “relationship tragedies”. “The judiciary has to look very closely here,” said Faeser. “If a perpetrator believes that the woman is his property, then a life sentence for murder with base motives can be imposed. If the perpetrator acts insidiously, the same applies.”

Source: Stern

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