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Corona pandemic: Stöhr: Wearing masks and keeping your distance is currently unnecessary

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Many people are still trying to protect themselves from infection with the corona virus by wearing a mask and keeping their distance from others. However, the virologist Klaus Stöhr considers this to be dispensable.

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Despite the increased number of corona cases this summer, the expert Klaus Stöhr currently sees no reason for stricter everyday government restrictions.

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“To put it very clearly: wearing masks and keeping your distance is currently not necessary,” he said in an interview by Ippen Media published on Thursday. On the one hand, there are no signs of the healthcare system being overburdened. On the other hand, the measures only push the infections backwards. “You won’t prevent them anyway. This increases the risk that the peak will increase in winter,” said the scientist, who is a member of the expert committee for assessing the corona restrictions.

Stöhr also criticized data gaps in this country. It is unclear which age groups or sections of the population have not yet been vaccinated or are naturally immunized by surviving infections. “If this were recognized by studies, you could start a targeted vaccination campaign. Other countries know better.”

He thinks it’s right that the free citizen tests should soon no longer be accessible to everyone, said Stöhr. “We should return to normality in testing. The normality is: You carry out a test on sick people if the result is relevant for the therapy. » The exception, however, are hospitals and nursing homes, where it is also about avoiding infections and protecting vulnerable groups.


Source: Stern

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