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Education: Bundestag decides to open Bafög for emergencies

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In the Corona crisis, student jobs broke away – those affected got into financial difficulties. The federal government wants to counteract such a situation in the future.

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Students and pupils should be better financially secure in future crises if they lose part-time jobs. The Bundestag passed a law for a so-called emergency mechanism on Thursday. This authorizes the government, in a nationwide emergency situation “which has a significant impact on the job market for part-time jobs accompanying training”, to open student loans to students and schoolchildren who would otherwise not receive it. However, according to the draft law, such a nationwide emergency must have been determined by the Bundestag beforehand by resolution.

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The background is the experiences from the Corona crisis. Student jobs had disappeared and those affected got into financial difficulties. The federal government at the time had launched a so-called bridging aid. According to student representatives, however, this came much too late.

The education policy spokesman for the SPD parliamentary group, Oliver Kaczmarek, spoke of a measure that was overdue with a view to the law that has now been passed. “This is how we take the next big step so that student loans do better justice to the reality of life for people in training.” The law is also welcomed by the German Student Union. Secretary General Matthias Anbuhl called for further steps, since the emergency mechanism only applies if part-time jobs are lost. The current multiple crises, such as inflation and the energy price crisis, show that the emergency must be taken more seriously.

Source: Stern

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