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Aid organization: Sea-Watch wants to send another ship for sea rescue

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According to Sea-Watch, it has already saved 45,000 boat migrants from drowning. The aid organization is now christening another ship: it is said to be the fastest and largest in the fleet to date.

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The aid organization Sea-Watch wants to send another ship to the Mediterranean to rescue boat migrants. The new ship in the fleet is to be christened in Hamburg on Thursday afternoon, as Sea-Watch announced on Tuesday. The “Sea-Watch 5” is a “reaction to the hard parliamentary shift to the right in Italy, as a common response to the political silence and dying in the central Mediterranean”.

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The twelve-year-old and 58-meter-long ship will be converted and prepared for its first service in the coming months. According to Sea-Watch, it is planned for early 2023. The ship is faster, larger and more efficient than all of its predecessors and can therefore accommodate more rescued people and provide them with better care.

Location Mediterranean

The aid organization Sea-Watch said it sent the first rescue ship to the Mediterranean in June 2015. Since then, more than 45,000 people have been saved from drowning. Open ship days are also planned for Saturday and Sunday in Hamburg at the Überseebrücke. From 12:00 p.m., those interested can board the “Sea-Watch 5” and find out more about the missions.

From the coasts of North Africa, people in sometimes overcrowded boats make the dangerous journey across the Mediterranean towards the EU. Sometimes they get into distress. Private organizations operate in the area to save people from drowning. In Italy, her assignments with right-wing parties are controversial because the country takes in tens of thousands of people every year. The organizations, on the other hand, criticize the lack of help in Europe for the refugees.

Source: Stern

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