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Sunday, November 27, 2022

Jair Bolsonaro: That’s behind his silence

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After his election defeat, Jair Bolsonaro is silent – ​​apart from a brief statement. That’s not just the offended reaction of a bad loser and narcissistic boss – it’s systematic.

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The man was often characterized as a mess during his four-year presidency. During the corona pandemic: no guided tour. About climate change: I have no idea. Politics: a china shop where you can lash out wildly.

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And what came out of his mouth often seemed thoughtless to the point of nonsensical: Corona victims were fags. Indigenous people were cannibals. Environmentalists were imperialists.
Things seemed too absurd, too radical, too brutal for many people to take them seriously. It always resonated: He doesn’t mean it like that. A lot slips out of him in the affect.

He meant a lot of things exactly like autocrats often do. The absurd, radical, brutal is strategy.

Source: Stern

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