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Sunday, November 27, 2022

Midterms in Pennsylvania: Doug Mastriano is even too extreme for Republicans

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Radical Trump fanatic and conspiracy theorist Doug Mastriano will compete in the Midterms in the state of Pennsylvania. Even party friends consider him a right-wing extremist. Should he become governor, it would send a fatal signal to America: the radicals are winning. About a dangerous man.

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Doug Mastriano is a family man. When the Republican gubernatorial candidate in Pennsylvania takes the stage, he is not alone, he has brought his wife with him. Not only that, he even lets her speak first. Rebecca Mastriano wrapped herself in an American flag for her performance, no joke.

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She shouts: “I believe in women’s rights!” And after a pause: “To her right to the Second Amendment.” So a gun. This is what feminism sounds like in the Trump world. Big applause in the hall.

Source: Stern

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