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State government: Lower Saxony’s Greens agree to coalition with SPD

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The red-green coalition in Lower Saxony can come. After Prime Minister Stephan Weil’s SPD, a Green party congress also approved the alliance.

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After the SPD, the Greens in Lower Saxony also approved the planned red-green coalition in the state. At an extraordinary party conference on Sunday in Hanover, a large majority voted for cooperation. There were a few votes against and abstentions. The SPD had already voted for a government with the Greens on Saturday. Both parties want to sign the coalition agreement on Monday.

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The plans for the new state government envisage that the SPD will appoint six ministers alongside Prime Minister Stephan Weil and the Greens will receive four departments: Julia Willie Hamburg will be Minister of Education, Christian Meyer the Environment Minister, Gerald Heere Finance Minister and Miriam Staudte Agriculture Minister.

Prime Minister Weil, who is facing a third term, is to be re-elected in the constituent session of the state parliament on Tuesday. In addition, the new ministers are then sworn in in the state parliament.

The Greens achieved their best result in Lower Saxony in the state elections on October 9 with 14.5 percent. The SPD was clearly the strongest with 33.4 percent.

Source: Stern

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