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Demonstration: climate protection activists block streets in Berlin again

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Climate protection activists have blocked several intersections in different parts of the federal capital. There are physical altercations with drivers.

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Despite many debates and strong criticism, climate protection demonstrators have continued their road blockades in Berlin. They sat down at four intersections in different parts of the city in the morning, a police spokeswoman said. Some of them stuck too. There were long traffic jams. According to the police, there were physical altercations between motorists and blockers in the Friedrichshain district.

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The Last Generation protest group said some of its people wore black and white striped prisoner’s clothing to protest demonstrators in Munich being jailed over repeated blockades. They demanded more measures from the federal government to combat climate change.

Politicians are calling for tougher action against blockers

The group had blocked streets almost every day for the past few weeks. There was strong criticism when a special vehicle from the Berlin fire brigade got stuck in a traffic jam during a blockade on October 31. The vehicle was intended to help rescue a critically injured cyclist. The woman died a few days later. Numerous politicians are calling for tougher action against the blockers, and the activists have been attacked on the Internet.

The fire brigade had initially announced that the rescue of the woman had been delayed because the special vehicle was stuck in traffic. According to a newspaper report, according to the on-site emergency doctor, the fact that the fire engine was not available had no effect on the rescue of the cyclist.

The police and public prosecutor continue to investigate the accident and the question of guilt as well as the course of the rescue measures. It is also about a possible allegation of disability of persons providing assistance.

Protests should continue

Despite the criticism of the actions, the protest group “Last Generation” wants to continue. “We will take our protest to all areas that will be affected by the climate catastrophe,” said activist Carla Rochel on “Stern TV” on Sunday. “We have invited the government to talks – it depends on whether we will continue to take to the streets or not.” It’s not a popularity contest. “It’s not about being liked. It’s about making society aware that we are racing into a climate catastrophe,” said Rochel.

Source: Stern

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