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Sunday, November 27, 2022

Elections: Giffey: Election glitches have done a lot of damage

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It wasn’t just one breakdown, there were many of them. A lot went wrong in Berlin during the September elections. According to the mayor, the responsibility for this lies on many shoulders.

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According to Berlin’s Mayor Franziska Giffey, the numerous mishaps in the September 2021 elections have caused great damage. The people of Berlin should expect elections to go smoothly, said the SPD politician in her government statement on Thursday in the House of Representatives. The responsibility for the mistakes in organizing the elections rests on many shoulders. “It’s up to everyone to do better,” Giffey said.

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Preparations had already started before the State Constitutional Court made its decision on a complete repetition of the election to the House of Representatives. 39 million euros have been made available for this in the supplementary budget. “Each polling station will receive 140 percent equipment,” Giffey assured after last fall’s elections were largely missing ballots and not enough ballot boxes were available.

Giffey said the Senate would continue to do its job. Especially in times of crisis, it is necessary to solve the urgent tasks that lie ahead. “We make sure that Berlin runs despite all the challenges,” said Giffey.

According to the judgment of the Constitutional Court, the elections to the Chamber of Deputies and the district assemblies are expected to be repeated on February 12.

Source: Stern

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