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Podcast “important today”: Citizens’ income does not eliminate poverty in Germany

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Bye Hartz IV – welcome citizen money. The traffic light wants to be through with its biggest social reform by Friday. But does the citizen’s income live up to its name, or is there more marketing than reform in the Hartz IV replacement?

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Everything is supposed to get better from 2023 – the citizen’s income is coming, albeit at the second attempt and with compromises. By Friday of this week, the Bundestag and Bundesrat should agree to the new, modified successor to Hartz IV. Wolfang Büscher, spokesman for the Berliner Arche, says in the 410th episode of the podcast “important today”: “Hartz IV or ‘hartzen’ is of course a horrible name, for PR tactical reasons the citizen money is of course excellent. But I think , it is not made for the family, who already have to live in poverty, inflation eats up those 40 euros more.”

“Soon the first in Germany will starve”

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Arche Berlin is a Christian children and youth welfare organization that primarily fights against child poverty. And there, on site, Wolfgang Büscher sees people every day who lack everything and it is precisely them who are hit hardest by inflation: “We have inflation that is up to 50 or 60 percent, especially for inexpensive food, many of them Families no longer have anything to eat. There are mothers who say, “I don’t eat anything anymore for lunch, that my children have something in the evening. What shocked me recently was that a twelve-year-old girl from an RTL ark in Rostock said to the teacher: “I always eat very little at lunchtime, so we’ll have something the next day,” said Büscher in an interview with “today important” moderator Michel Abdollahi. And the prospects are dramatic from Arche’s point of view: “It won’t be long, there are only a few weeks and months left, before the first people in Germany will go hungry.”

Michael Abdollahi

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According to Arche, families with children need about 500 to 600 euros more a month to take part in social life, to go to the cinema, go on vacation or eat in a restaurant for the first time in their lives, because most of them know that Children from socially disadvantaged families often do not.

“I am ashamed of my country”

In order to alleviate the misery and especially now in times of high inflation, Arche has taken additional measures: “As Arche, we have now had to set up an emergency aid fund, where we have paid in 500,000 euros with the help of larger sponsors. We want everyone in the next few months Give the Arche family a food package worth 80 euros every 14 days. I think it’s terrible that you have to do something like that in Germany, sometimes I really have to say: I’m ashamed of my country,” says Wolfgang Büscher.

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