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CDU politician Christoph Ploß criticizes Faeser: “Doesn’t go together”

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Many German politicians criticize the World Cup in Qatar. On the other hand, Christoph Ploß, head of the German-Arab parliamentary group, demands that the region on the Persian Gulf must remain an important trading partner in the future.

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Hamburg CDU boss Christoph Ploß warns against German arrogance in view of the debate about the soccer World Cup in Qatar. “A policy in which we put ourselves on a high moral horse and thereby increasingly detach ourselves from important trading partners is dangerous and damages German interests,” said the member of the Bundestag star.

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The 37-year-old is chairman of the parliamentary group for Arabic-speaking countries in the Middle East in the Bundestag.

Ploß criticized that the federal government had no foreign policy strategy for the Gulf region. “While Robert Habeck bows down in Qatar and begs for gas, Home Secretary Nancy Faeser insults the Qataris,” he said. “It doesn’t fit together at the back and front and it’s also perceived that way in the region.”

Ploß sees positive developments in Qatar and Saudi Arabia

Economics Minister Robert Habeck (Greens) traveled to Qatar in the spring to negotiate gas supplies. A few weeks ago, Interior Minister Nancy Faeser (SPD), who is responsible for sports in the cabinet, distanced herself from the awarding of the World Cup, but nevertheless traveled to Qatar for the first group game of the German team.

Ploß was also recently on the road in the Gulf region with his parliamentary group. “Especially with regard to countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the principle of ‘change through trade’ is highly topical,” he said. There are big differences between these Arab countries and Russia or China. “Saudi Arabia and Qatar have recently implemented reforms, they are developing in the right direction.” It would not help anyone if Qatar and Saudi Arabia turned away from Europe and instead turned to countries like China or Russia.

Source: Stern

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