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Disney: Why the Republicans are attacking the entertainment giant

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Disney is the children’s empire. The entertainment giant actually has nothing to do with politics. But for a few months now, the Republicans have been attacking the company because it has become “woke”. The fight tells a lot about America in 2022.

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In the course of this research, the word “pilgrimage” came up, and that’s quite apt, because it sounds like religion. For people who make their way across the country for their religion to meet a deity. Or so that they can feel a little holy themselves.

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A summer day in paradise, it’s pouring, the monsoon is moving over Disneyland. Minnie Mouse is a good goddess, she grants the believers their wish despite the rain: a selfie. Minnie poses with everyone, the children and their parents, the queue never gets shorter, Minnie only takes a break after 20 minutes. Mickey takes over. Mr. and Mrs. Mouse take turns, a modern couple.

Source: Stern

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