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Sunday, January 29, 2023

Minister for Family Affairs Lisa Paus on the fight against child poverty in the podcast “important today”

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Family Minister Lisa Paus says about child poverty in Germany: “It’s a shame that something like this is a reality”. Their goal: to get basic child security on the way before the end of this year.

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When Anne Spiegel surprisingly resigned in April because she was heavily criticized for the flooding in the Ahr Valley, Lisa Paus suddenly became Minister for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth. She has to familiarize herself with the topics in a very short time, and the fight against child poverty is particularly important to her, as she expresses in the 433rd edition of the podcast “important today”. “It’s a shame for Germany that something like this is a reality. If you look at the metropolitan areas, I live in Berlin and there it’s almost every third child who lives in poverty.” In an interview with “Today Important” host Michel Abdollahi, she also says: “Poverty shapes, poverty excludes, poverty shames, poverty takes life chances.”

Family Minister Lisa Paus: Basic child security is to be passed in 2023

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In order to expand these opportunities for children and young people again, the minister is planning a comprehensive reform, as she says at “today important”: “The basic child security will consist of two parts, a guaranteed amount for each child, regardless of the parents’ income and then again a targeted additional amount for all families where the income is not that big.”

The basic child security is not an easy project, because many different authorities and institutions are supposed to be involved. The minister’s goal: everyone who needs social benefits should also get them – and the applications should be filled out in advance. It should therefore be accessible to every family, without a jungle of authorities and applications. And Family Minister Paus presses the tube: “In 2025, I want basic child security to be in place and paid out before the next federal election, and the law should be in place in 2023.”

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