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German martens for Ukraine: Olaf Scholz’s hesitation

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Olaf Scholz pulls himself together: After close coordination with the USA and France, Germany is supplying armored personnel carriers – but the Chancellor has to resist the impression of hesitation.

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It is a decision of almost historic importance. Because it could change the war. Olaf Scholz has pulled himself together: Germany is supplying Marder infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine. The chancellor has thus remained true to his line of agreeing further arms deliveries only in agreement with the allies. And yet he is already on the defensive again. He also has his friend Emmanuel Macron to thank for that. Because the French President divulged early on the delivery of infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine, Scholz is now again like a hesitant who only does what could no longer be avoided; who runs after where others have rushed ahead.

Source: Stern

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