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Lützerath: Greta Thunberg dances at the edge of the mine

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She stopped by again: Greta Thunberg surprisingly sang and danced at the edge of the lignite opencast mine near Lützerath on Sunday – before she was carried away by the police.

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The Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg surprisingly appeared again on Sunday afternoon at the edge of the lignite opencast mine near Lützerath. A DPA reporter reported that she took part in an impromptu demonstration and sang and danced with other climate activists. She was wrapped up in a hat and hooded jacket. A police spokesman said Thunberg briefly sat on a wall at the edge of the mine.

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For their own safety, police officers had asked them to leave the wall. When she failed to do so, the officers carried her a few steps further away. The same went harmoniously. The Swedish climate activist then went her own way.

Source: Stern

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