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Saturday, February 4, 2023

Why Olaf Scholz is so difficult in the debate about Leopard main battle tanks

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Is Olaf Scholz a leader or a follower on the question of battle tanks and other rearmament for Ukraine? Anyone who speaks to the Chancellor these days will notice that he doesn’t make it easy for himself. And neither do we.

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Times change and people with them. Some more, some less. And some very strong.

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As a young man, a deputy federal chairman of the Young Socialists named Olaf Scholz organized large peace demonstrations against the NATO rearmament and protested against the stationing of American medium-range missiles in Germany. “Create peace without weapons” was a slogan.

The story of Scholz, the conscientious objector and peace demo organizer, is well known. Today, Olaf Scholz, the Federal Chancellor, would probably label the young version of himself with the adjective “immature”. It would not be understood, but meant extremely unfriendly.

Source: Stern

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