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Football: in Rosario it will be prohibited to head in the children’s categories

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In this sense, the leader elaborated: “For years we have been in contact with specialists, with neurologists and neuropathologists, who have also expressed their diagnoses in this regard, saying that the repetition of these practices of impacts on the skull can cause microtrauma in the cerebral cortex, the repetition of which can cause brain damage, which in the future can degenerate into neuropsychiatric diseases“.

“We also had experience having participated in competitions in the United States, where from 2015 this measure was already implemented. Our children’s soccer teams had to adapt to that regulation, “he recalled.

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The president of Rosarina anticipated that the regulatory modification “will be made from 2023” and that in the course of this year “training and instruction talks will be held with all the actors in the activity”

“Referees, coaches, coordinators and parents will receive the basics and learn what the practical implementation of the rules of the game will be like in children’s games,” he added.

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The ban on headers in primary divisions is incorporated into other special measures such as the elimination of the off side rule, the design of reduced pitches, the use of special balls, mandatory substitution and the creation of mixed football.

“We believe that this is an innovative measure that over the years we will see if it is successful. Other associations around the world are taking it and Rosarina will be the first to implement it at a national and South American level,” he said.

Source: Ambito

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