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Premier League: Red for Tuchel and Conte after Zoff – “Nothing bad”

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The Premier League game between Chelsea FC and Tottenham Hotspur was thrilling – but it became spectacular after the final whistle when coaches Thomas Tuchel and Antonio Conte clashed.

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Thomas Tuchel and Antonio Conte approached each other with a grim expression, they shook hands almost reluctantly – and then the Zoff really started.

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At first, Tuchel didn’t let go of his fellow coaches, which he didn’t like at all. Suddenly, like two madmen, they stood face to face, yelled at each other and could only be separated with difficulty.

As a consequence of the tumult, the referee gave both coaches a red card – it was the spectacular end of a thrilling Premier League duel on Sunday between Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur, which was ended by an equalizing goal from Spurs striker Harry Kane in the sixth minute of stoppage time ended 2:2 (1:0). But afterwards everyone only talked about the heated argument between the coaches.

Tuchel criticizes referees

“I thought you looked into each other’s eyes when we shook hands, but he had a different opinion,” said Chelsea coach Tuchel in a slightly shaky voice about what triggered the tumult after the final whistle on Sky Sports. The fact that both saw red was “not necessary”, said the former Bundesliga coach. “But a lot of things weren’t necessary today. Another bad decision by the referee.”

Tottenham manager Conte “did not want to comment” on the scene. If there’s a problem with the German coach, “it’s between him and me,” stressed the impulsive Italian, “and nobody else.” Even during the game, Tuchel and Conte had clashed and were warned. He had “no problem” with Conte and would shake his hand again, said Tuchel: “It was about two men, two competitors – nothing bad happened.”

However, Tuchel admitted that the course of the game and, in his opinion, the many wrong decisions made by the referees had “completely sucked in” him emotionally. He is only frustrated because his team did not reward themselves for a “top, top, top performance” with the second win in the second league game. “I’m the happiest coach on earth,” said the 48-year-old, “because we played a fantastic game.”

Kane scores in overtime

Kalidou Koulibaly (19′) scored to make it 1-0 for Chelsea, while former Bayern professional Pierre Emile Højbjerg (68′) made it 1-1. When Reece James scored what was supposed to be the winning goal for Chelsea in the 77th minute, Tuchel jumped and sprinted jubilantly along the sidelines. But then Kane struck – and the emotions had to come out.

It was “disappointing” that both coaches were punished with red for their dispute, said Kane: “It’s an emotional game, both teams wanted to win, but sometimes something like that happens.” With four points from two games, Chelsea and Tottenham are two points behind champions and leaders Manchester City.

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