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De Paul, very connected: “My head is in the World Cup every day”

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“It is very difficult to be able to disconnect because someone reminds you again. There is less and less to go and the World Cup is in my head every day. The level that is seen after the 2021 Copa América is of a team that is very committed and that excites a lot “said De Paul in statements to TyC Sports.


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And he added: “I always say I don’t want it to start because I probably won’t enjoy it. It’s a lot of pressure, competition, nervousness and anxiety, it’s very difficult. I try to enjoy this whole process, I’d like it to be more, sometimes it’s hard for me. Surely it will to be crazy. One lives very focused and criticism can sometimes even be harmful”.

“From here to what remains, what can be incorporated is very little. I think it is important to continue competing because mentally it helps you and it will make the fastest way to reach the World Cup. The idea is to always arrive 100 percent. The coaching staff already knows us a lot, playing or not at this time I don’t think it will change much. The idea and the base of these four years, Scaloni already has it”he added.

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In turn, the midfielder highlighted: “The team showed that playing against Italy, the last European champion, they did very well. I don’t feel that we are at a different pace. Each competition has its things, some are more physical and others dynamic. We are prepared to face any type of situation and very sure of the team we have”.

“Winning two titles, being the player who has gone undefeated the most in this shirt after so many monsters that have happened. I feel that people love me, that the group appreciates me, respects and trusts me. And that’s not little. You have to be Lionel Messi for that and there is only one”DePaul continued.

Finally, he expressed: “With this shirt you always have a plus to give, it’s good and important to feel that way. It happens to me today because I feel a lot of confidence. I go out on the pitch and I feel that it’s going to go well for us, I have a spectacular relationship with everyone. I feel as comfortable as at home and that makes it come across on the field. I will always give everything I have because I am grateful to have been born in Argentina”.

Source: Ambito

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