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Age limit suddenly doesn’t matter? Referee boss wants to continue to rely on Felix Brych

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Felix Brych should continue to act as a professional referee regardless of the age limit of the DFB. It boils down to an exception.

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The age limit for referees, which prevails in German professional football, could be omitted for Felix Brych. At least that’s what Lutz Michael Fröhlich’s plan is for, and it’s well received by the referee.

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Felix Brych is now 47 years old. A limit that occurs in German professional football as a decision as to whether a referee can continue to pursue his profession or whether he has to hang up the whistle.

However, an exception should be made for Brych. Lutz Michael Fröhlich is actively and openly promoting this proposal these days. “Felix is ​​a referee at the absolute top level, with a lot of experience and a high level of acceptance,” emphasized the referee boss (via table football). Those responsible would “welcome” it if he were to referee games in the next season.

Brych is happy about the appreciation: exception to the age limit is to be expected

“I am very happy about this great appreciation,” said the referee. He has already managed 322 league and 69 premier class games. A great deal of experience that he should continue to use.

Brych explained: “We want to make a decision in this regard during the winter break at the latest so that there is planning security for all parties.” But he should table football right with his assumption that things will probably go on for him. After all, the referee boss emphasizes how satisfied you are with your work, while the sub-partisan notes how much he still likes to lead the teams onto the field.

It would be a surprise if Brych weren’t used again in the 2023/24 season. This would soften the age limit and create a first exception.

This should cause questions, especially for Manuel Gräfe. He was also held in high esteem by coaches, players and officials. He too would have liked to continue. But he was retired because of his age. His lawsuit, which he is having negotiated against the DFB for age discrimination, will be dealt with in mid-November.

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