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All the intimacy of the Patronage festivities

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The party that began on Sunday in Mendoza continued when it arrived in the capital of Entre Ríos this morning, around 2:30 a.m., with a caravan of cars and a convertible bus that took the players from the airport, in the outskirts of Paraná, to the stadium area.

Many of the more than 9,000 fans and families who traveled in buses and private cars to Mendoza to see the final began their journey immediately to arrive at the club at 7:30 p.m. to participate in the party and Olympic lap, and then close the night with a dinner between players and their families.

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“We do not fall for so much joy, we are overwhelmed because there were many things lived but we are very happy and celebrating”Lenz said.

In dialogue with Télam, he explained that the caravan to Mendoza was the largest exodus in the history of the Board, with cars and more than 25 groups that left full, something “extraordinary for all the kilometers traveled.”

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It is that the ‘Rojinegro’ eliminated River Plate in the quarterfinals in La Rioja, Boca Juniors in the semis in San Juan, and after that match he returned to Paraná and from there he left for Mendoza to play the decisive match with Talleres.

The president of the Board of Trustees expressed “eternal gratitude” to the fans who had “a face of happiness that exploded with emotion”, but asked them to rejoice even more “for everything that is about to be experienced”.

While in Mendoza there was joy, there was also in the Costanera of the capital of Entre Ríos, where the game was seen on a giant screen, and then hundreds of fans and citizens celebrated in the main square, to later join the caravan with the players.


“I am not from the Board of Trustees, but we are from the city and we always support it because it brought first-class football that we saw in the little square box, we had it here, and now teams from all over the continent are coming”Gustavo, a 56-year-old man who was celebrating with his family, told Télam.

One of the biggest chants and encouragements went to Sava, who began his relationship with El Patron in March of this year and his contract ends, so far, in December, closing the competition with 20 wins, 7 draws and 15 losses.

Colo “likes how he plays more and more and that excites us. We want him to continue and continue so that we can continue enjoying this good football,” a 79-year-old Paraná native who has followed the club since he was a child added to Télam.

Silvia, Patronato fan, was “very excited and happy as Paraná to see them champion” because “it is a triumph that all the boys needed in this last stage”.

It is that the coach managed in seven months that the team was tenth among twenty-eight, that for the first time in history a club from Entre Ríos was crowned champion, qualified for the Copa Libertadores; and travel to Abu Dhabi to play the Super Cup against Boca in January 2023.


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Upon arriving in Paraná, Sava spoke with Télam and confirmed that until the consecration “it was a process that grew day by day with the motivation to continue and be focused on the game. It was what we had to do”, but when it came to speaking of renewal, he asked for time because “a lot of things have to be analysed”, with “many players who would leave”.

In that sense, the president of the club explained to this agency that the coach “has the doors open. But it is his decision. Now he is taking vacations and on his return we will evaluate his desire to continue and his willingness. And this leadership is going to “Try by all means to make him stay. It’s all chatty.”

Regarding the renewal of the contracts and loans of many of the players on the squad, he assured that first he will seek the continuity of Sava and then “he will see each one” of his managers.

Lenzi took a tour of what was his little more than a year at the helm of the Paraná club, since he arrived in August 2021, where he never imagined living something like this, because “it was a time of turbulence, with the urgency of saving himself from the decline”.

“We had the previous championships where we had not done a very good performance, for a little bit it was not achieved but well this blessing came and we are happy”, being the first team from the interior not directly affiliated with the AFA to win a title at the national level.

It also marked the defeat with Barracas at the end of last July, after a controversial arbitration and where four players and the goalkeeper coach were arrested and remained in a police station for about 14 hours, accused of “injuries and attack and resistance to authority”.

That day “people never forgot it. There was a lot of uneasiness,” Lenzi said, but it served to “stir up” and “today what matters is that the Board of Trustees has that star so longed for by many clubs and fans.”

Finally, the leader of the institution explained that although the club does not have women’s football, “it is an essential requirement and the Board of Trustees does not have it. That is why we will focus on assembling it”; while the locality will seek to maintain the Presbítero Bartolomé Grella, with “works if necessary. Otherwise, the best option will be sought.”

Source: Ambito

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