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Qatar 2022 World Cup: Argentine Embassy Prepares to Address Consular Situations

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In radio statements, the official of the San Martin Palace admitted that “cultural differences will be a challenge when it comes to consular assistance and not only for Argentines, but also for nationals of other countries, because customs are different” from those of Qataris.

“In Qatar, our embassy is in permanent contact both with the local authorities and with the other diplomatic and consular authorities of other countries, to be aware of the news, the situations that are occurring and how they are being resolved”, remarked the member of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship.

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He added: “In Qatar we have a equipmentan Embassy with a Consular Section that will be reinforced to meet any need for consular assistance that may arise“.


Over the last few weeks, the Foreign Ministry has been updating the “Practical Guide for Argentines and Argentines attending the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022”, a document in which it provides advice and recommendations on topics like documentation, Health and aspects of culture local.



“The consular office will have throughout the event presence in various parts of the country. In addition to the Embassy, ​​the assistance operation contemplates the permanent presence of consular representatives in an operations center located in the center of the city, a mobile consular office in the stadium when our national team plays a match, and in other relevant points,” said Palacio San Martín.

And he concluded: “In the event of accidents, loss or theft of travel documentation or other circumstances that affect health, death or detention, the notify immediately the consular office in order to activate the assistance, communication and guidance mechanisms to those involved, their families and friends.

Source: Ambito

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