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What did Diego Simeone say about the elimination of Atlético de Madrid?

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At a press conference in Portugal, after the 2-1 defeat against Porto, the Argentine coach said that his team has been “having a hard time” playing continental tournaments.

“It’s costing us, but we have to accept it and see how we can improve in Europe. We’ve conceded goals in almost every game. We scored little and almost all the teams were superior to us”admitted “Cholo” Simeone.

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“We finished in the place we deserved, we have to accept reality. From now on there is another stage that starts tomorrow. There is the League and the Copa del Rey, and becoming strong by being together to get out of this difficult moment. I have no doubt about moving forward. These are moments and you have to know how to wait”added the DT “mattress”.

Asked if his team hit bottom, Simeone indicated that “I don’t like that expression of hitting bottom. You can always be worse. You have to take care of being better.”

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“Knowing how we are is the only way I know to get out of situations. How? Being together, being clear about what we want, getting everyone involved. Everyone. The club, the people, us. That’s the best way to face this moment “the coach pointed out.

Simeone considered that, in bad times, the emotional occupies a preponderant place: “The emotional comes before everything. You can have talent, a good game, be very well physically, but if emotionally you are not calm, with confidence, it limits you. There are many tests to overcome now. Let’s see if we have many men within the group to get over it”he explained.

About the future, Simeone He indicated that “we react with work, calmly, looking at the situations that in Europe generated this difficulty for us to be marked in all the games, especially away from home, and we have not been able to score. We will have to work for what we have left , the League and the (King’s) Cup”. Diego Simeone acknowledged today that his team, Atlético de Madrid, “finished in the place” they deserved, when asked about being eliminated from the Champions League and the Europa League.

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