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The move that the Board will make to have a women’s team and be able to play the Libertadores

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Article D.04 of Chapter IV of the License Regulations for Conmebol determines that to participate in a competition of the entity, an institution must have “a women’s first team or join a club that owns the same”.

It also requires having “at least one female youth category or join a club that has the same”with the technical support and equipment and infrastructure necessary for the development of the women’s team “under suitable conditions”.

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Copa Libertadores – Board of Trustees

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But also, the Conmebol states that the club with which it is associated must participate in national and/or regional competitions authorized by, in this case, the AFA.

Although exceptions were made in the 2020 and 2021 editions of the international tournaments, since Conmebol They point to compliance with the regulations for next year.

for the president of Patronage, “The most practical thing is to have someone to associate with and that is the path we are going to try to take”said to Telamnoting that in this way “it is much faster to be regulated to play”.

In this context, he specified that “there are two or three teams” from the capital of Entre Ríos that meet these conditions and that in the coming days they will hold meetings to advance and finalize the association with one of them.

The antecedent of which the Board of Trustees clings

One of the last cases in which a club had to join forces to play the Liberators was the one of Freedom of Paraguay. The ‘Gumarelo’ made an alliance last year with the Club Sportivo Limpeno female, recognized in his country for the local bi-championship in 2015 and 2016, and also the feat of the Liberators 2016 undefeated.

Since the last edition of the international competition, both Paraguayan institutions present the women’s team “Liberty/Clean”.

As a general institution, clean It is a club founded in 1914 but only in 2013 competes in the divisions of the Paraguayan Football Associationpreviously he was multi-champion of the Clean Football League.

In the 2018 season, he was runner-up and promoted, so since 2019 he competes in the Third Division of Paraguayan soccer.

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