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Sunday, November 27, 2022

Boca met with Rossi and made him a new, and better, proposal

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Jorge Bermudez and Marcelo Delgadomembers of the Boca football secretariat, met in the morning with the footballer’s representative, Miguel Gonzalezwho had been very critical at the time of the Boca leaders for being inflexible in the negotiations that had begun in early August.

This time, according to what they said from both parties to Télam, there was an improvement on the part of Boca: some numbers were raised and the contract times could be shortened, which would be for two years, and in the previous proposal it was until December 2026.

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In Mouth Now they are optimistic about the player’s continuity, although if they reach an agreement they know that it would not be for long for him to stay in the “xeneize”, since he would have two specific offers from Italian football.

But one thing is that he leaves with the pass in his possession and another that the club can get some revenue in a possible transfer.

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Rossy, the great figure of the team this season, if he did not renew the link with Mouth He could start talking in January 2023 with another club with the pass in his possession, although his contract expires in the middle of the year.

If the renewal takes place, the goalkeeper would become the best contract for the two-time Argentine soccer champion.

“We had a good meeting and in the afternoon I am going to meet with Rossi to evaluate the offer. I want Agustín and his family to analyze everything and make a decision”Representative González told the press today at the Ezeiza property, at the end of the meeting.

On behalf of the Boca leadership, the last one to talk about the subject was a few days ago Juan roman riquelmewho in dialogue with ESPN expressed: “We want him to stay with us for many more years. The representative also has to help. Let us all find a solution so that he (Rossie) follow”.

A few days ago, when he was awarded the Alumni award for best footballer of the year, rossi was more cautious: “I’m going to continue playing and training like I’ve done up to now to help from wherever I’m assigned. At least until June I’m going to be a Boca player, I don’t know what happens next”he said then.

Surely, next week there may be news on this issue, which is of the utmost importance for those who lead football at the Ribera club.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday there was a new communication between the leadership of Boca and their peers from Hurricane for the pass of Lucas Merollawho has a contract with the “Globo” until June 2023 and for which Boca is interested, to replace the injured red frameswho will be out of the courts until the middle of next year.

Mouth would offer money and a player’s pass, which could be Norbert Briascowho in June 2021 arrived at the “xeneize” from the Parque Patricios club.

Meanwhile, the squad returned to training today with their sights set on Sunday’s game, to be played at the La Pedrera stadium in San Luis, for the Champions Trophy against the winner of the match between Tigre and Racing.

The idea of ​​the coaching staff is to put most of the starters in San Luis. The doubts are in the presence of Frank Fabra and Dario Bendettoaffected by physical problems.

This Thursday, in soccer practice, the coach Hugo Ibarra will have on court the possible eleven that will play the weekend.

Source: Ambito

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