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Even competitor Chabbi says: “We need Monschein”

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It was the topic of SV Guntamatic Ried’s 2-2 draw in the Bundesliga against Austria Klagenfurt: Christoph Monschein flew before the Innviertel team’s last autumn home game against the Carinthians from the Viking squad. The 30-year-old is said not to have behaved the way Ried coach Christian Heinle would have liked, especially during the final training session: “We have a certain code in the team about what works and what doesn’t. If someone does something that isn’t ours The team fits, then there are problems. Everyone has to recognize the seriousness of the situation. Before the Klagenfurt game, I had the feeling that others wanted to be there more.”

The irony of fate: of all people, Seifedin Chabbi, Monschein’s biggest competitor in the fight for a place in the starting eleven, became Rieder’s man of the game with two goals in the draw against Klagenfurt: In the 30th minute, the 29-year-old had after a cross hit by Philipp Pomer to take the lead, in the finish the attacker scored the equalizer with a penalty (77th). In the meantime, Chabbi missed the chance to make it 2-0, hitting the post again after a Pomer pass. “It’s mixed feelings. I think there would have been more inside. Klagenfurt is high up in the table, but you could see that we’re not missing much. If I make it 2-0, things might look very different.” says Chabbi.

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Even competitor Chabbi says: "We need Monschein"Even competitor Chabbi says: "We need Monschein"

Even if the player from Bludenz was annoyed about the missed chance, the joy about his return to the first Rieder Elf prevails: Chabbi scored four goals in the last three competitive games (in the league against Sturm Graz and Klagenfurt, in the cup with Horn). “It was a tough phase for me – the broken elbow during the winter break, the corona disease in the fall, which was not easy. I got a few minutes and knew that I had to take the chance when I got it.” Ried coach Heinle also praised his professional behavior: “It’s always about performance, I’m pleased that he was rewarded in this way.”

Monschein must set an example

There were also tactical reasons for doing without his top scorer: “Seif knew exactly what was important for my game. The striker has to hold balls for that. If he doesn’t do that, it will be difficult for him. He worked extremely hard on that, and he also notices himself that he can play to his strengths in the box much better if we can move up as a team.” Chabbi is not happy that his immediate competitor has currently put himself on the sidelines: “Monschein is a different type of player than I am. You can’t make too big of a deal out of it, we absolutely need him.”

With the right response, this shouldn’t be a problem. Heinle: “Now Seif is in the lead. For Monschein to come back into the team, he has to pull the lever. Seif had a difficult time recently and put in an incredible amount of effort to get back into the team. That’s what I wish for now also from Monschein.”

Source: Nachrichten

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